The Lunchbox Cookbook – Easy recipes for school and work lunches

Meet your secret weapon for packing nutritious lunches without the stress!

The Lunchbox Cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. Think of it as a complete system that teaches you –

  1. What to pack daily – Includes a 4-week menu plan with 20+ recipes and shopping lists.
  2. Recommendations for snacks and sides to complement each recipe.
  3. Insights into the best lunch containers (each recipe includes packing tips!).
  4. Prep-ahead instructions for every recipe so you can avoid the morning craziness.

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Tell me if this is you right now..

  • You are tired of packing separate lunches for adults and kids!
  • Your mornings are stressful because you are trying to figure out what to pack for lunch that’ll be nourishing as well as appealing to the kids. 
  • You are exhausted because you are cooking special meals for kids to get them to eat. 
  • You are exasperated with kids’ half-eaten or untouched lunches and worry if the kids are getting enough nutrition. 
  • Every day after school, you end up giving in to your hungry kids’ demands for junk food to avoid a meltdown.  
Working mom in the kitchen with crying kids trying to fix lunch

Wouldn’t life be better when..

  • You know exactly what you would be packing for lunch each morning. 
  • You always pack nutritious and balanced meals for your child that they would be excited about. 
  • You put together lunches that both parents and kids will enjoy and gobble up.
  • And you know how to prep the dishes ahead of time so that you didn’t have to do all in the morning.

Get ready to put a nutritious lunch together without waking up at the crack of dawn!

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You’ll love this eBook even if you..

Are short on time

Every recipe comes with prep-ahead instructions and a few also include storebought substitutions.

Hate planning

The planning is already done for you! All you need to do is follow the plan.

Not a fan of cooking

Most of the recipes are easy to prepare and won’t require you to spend hours in the kitchen.

What’s included in this eBook?

It is a complete system that teaches you

  • What to pack each day (Includes a 4-week menu plan with 20+ recipes and shopping lists).
  • Includes recommendations for snacks and sides to go with each recipe.
  • Which lunch containers work best (each recipe comes with packing tips).
  • Prep ahead instructions for every recipe.
  • Weekly shopping list.

Recipes include

  • Chicken lettuce wraps
  • Shrimp tacos
  • Grilled cheese with tomato soup
  • Veggie fried rice
  • Butter pasta
  • Paneer quesadilla
  • Butter Chicken

and so many more family & restaurant favorites that everyone will enjoy!

The recipes are a good mix of global favorites and a few Indian recipes – all super easy to make.


It comes with these amazing bonuses!


Pantry staples shopping list

Everything that you need to stock up in your kitchen to make packing lunch easy.


Healthy snacks and sides cheatsheet

A handy cheat sheet with a list of healthy snacks and sides to go with your lunch.


Menu planning templates

Includes blank lunch planning templates so that you can come up with your own menu!

Don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what a few of our happy readers had to say about this book.

I love how Anushree lists all the recipes out for each day. It takes away the overwhelm of planning. She even lists what to do the night before and the morning of. The book has simple tips that are often overlooked. Finally a no-nonsense meal planning guide to daily lunches! If you are a busy mom, this book is perfect to create well-balanced meals that kids will love.
Avanti shetye

Anu’s practical approach makes packing lunch boxes easy and fuss-free! With so many amazing tips, grocery lists, prep-ahead instructions & recipes, you will never have to worry about packing lunch again. Plus the recipes are perfect for both kids and adults!

Manali singh

Anushree’s Lunchbox Cookbook is the inspiration your tired old lunch menus need. Filled with gorgeous photos of delicious but manageable lunch recipes, you’ll want the Lunchbox Cookbook in your arsenal in the battle to avoid pricey, caloric restaurant lunches. Anu has done all the planning for you.
Jennifer osborn

This book takes the worry out of healthy lunch planning with a collection of fresh, fast, and simple meals along with thoughtful sides suggestions. A comprehensive grocery list categorized by different food groups is a surprising bonus! This book will surely spark inspirational ideas for new recipes that require minimum efforts for maximum yum!
Mamta Chauhan

This book is exactly what a working parent like me needs. I appreciate the author’s meal planning tips, suggestions on a variety of practical lunch-box supplies, and most importantly, I love the lunch and snack ideas. They’re healthy, made with real ingredients, and offer plenty of multi-cuisine, mix-and-match options- almost like a cafeteria experience. Planning lunches has been on my to-do list for a long time, Anushree just made it so much easier! I would say this book is a must-have for busy parents.
Aneesha GUPTA

The Lunchbox Cookbook has truly taken the stress out of weekly meal planning. I loved getting ideas for pantry staples and found the weekly shopping lists & prep ahead instructions helpful. This book is detailed, and transitions seamlessly from one topic to the next, thus making it an easy read. The beautiful eye-catching photos further enhanced the reading experience.
Preeti Balaji
A picture of an Indian woman food blogger - Anushree Shetty

Hi there, I’m Anushree.

(Mom of 2 girls aged 14 and 8)

I’ve been there like you. Packing nut butter sandwiches every day because that is the only thing my kid would eat and also as a first-time mother I didn’t know any better.

But when every day my kid would come home cranky and irritable, I knew something had to change.
I started researching and learned how to put a nutritious yet tasty meal together that my kid would look forward to eating. Over time I perfected lunches that worked for me at the office and my kid at school.

It took me years to figure this out. Now you don’t have to.

What I’ve got for you is lunches planned for 4 weeks complete with a weekly menu, prep-ahead instructions, shopping list, and loads of tips to save you time and effort.

Let me help you get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this eBook for?

While it is perfect for parents who pack lunches for themselves and their kids, this book can be used by anyone who is looking for lunch recipes – students, single, family with no kids, etc.

Are the recipes nut-friendly?

There are a few recipes that use nuts but they can be easily omitted.

Will the recipes take a lot of time?

No, most of the recipes are under 30 minutes and even less, if you prep ahead.

How many servings can I get from each recipe?

Almost all recipes will yield 4 servings enough for 2 adults and 2 kids. My girls are 8 and 14. You may have to scale the recipe depending on the age of your kids.

What equipment do I need to make these recipes?

Most of the recipes are made on the stovetop. I do use Instant Pot for a few recipes. If you don’t own one – you can easily make those recipes using a stovetop pressure cooker or a saucepan.

Will I get a printed copy of the eBook?

The cookbook comes in a digital version only and will be delivered to you via email. There is no printed version but you can easily print the recipes at home.

I can get recipes for free on the internet. How can I be sure it’s worth it?

Here’s the thing – this eBook is not just a collection of recipes.
It is a complete system that teaches you everything you need to pack your family’s lunches quickly and without stressing out about what to cook each morning.
Most cafeteria lunches cost around $8 or more per day or approximately $2000+ per year, per person (if you eat out every day).
Honestly, ask yourself, what is the cost of NOT purchasing this?

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product, I cannot offer refunds. However, if you have any questions, feel free to email and I will help you out!