Mealthy MultiPot 2.0 Review

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Mealthy MultiPot Review – If you are thinking of buying the Mealthy MultiPot 2.0 and were wondering how it compares with Instant Pot, you have come to the right place. Read more to find out all about Mealthy MultiPot and what it has to offer. 

Disclosure – I was sent a Mealthy MultiPot by the manufacturers to review. All opinions are unbiased and mine alone.

A picture of Mealthy MultiPot and the accessories it comes with - steamer basket, trivet, rice cup, spoons and recipe booklet
Mealthy Multipot Review

If you are wondering what Mealthy Multipot is, let me explain – It is an electric pressure cooker that allows you to cook meals about 70% faster. It is popular because it replaces up to 9 commonly used appliances such as – pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté, steam, cake maker, egg maker, yogurt maker, and a warmer.

About Mealthy

Mealthy is a US-based food media and kitchen appliances company that manufactures Mealthy MultiPot. Mealthy’s 9-in-1 MultiPot offers 14 preset pressure cooking programs and 9-in-1 cooking functionality, which means you can pressure cook, sauté, steam, bake, slow cook, and more, all in one pot and all at just the touch of a button!

The Mealthy MultiPot is also 100% BPA-Free and made of the highest quality materials including professional-grade SUS304 stainless steel and comes with an intuitive LCD screen. 

Key features include – 

  • Mealthy 9-in-1 MultiPot Pressure Cooker can replace up to 9 commonly used appliances – pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, sauté, steam, cake maker, egg maker, yogurt maker, and a warmer.
  • The LCD panel comes with a progress indicator that clearly shows the stages of cooking.
  • It comes with a stainless steel cooking pot and a steam basket, that allows you to cook two dishes at once (pot-in-pot).
  • The MultiPot has a contemporary design and lid holders for left and right-handed users.

Here’s a summary of the new features in the Mealthy 2.0 (more details below)

  • Automatic self-sealing lid
  • Pressure/steam release is programmable and hands-free. 
  • True slow cooking functionality – you can finally give away your slow-cooker. 
  • 33 chef-approved preset cooking programs. 

What’s inside the box?

Apart from the pressure cooker unit and steel insert, you also receive accessories such as steamer basket, 4-cm raised trivet, spare silicone gasket, two silicone mitts, serving spoon, soup spoon, and a rice measuring cup. You also get beautiful full-color visual guides which include a user guide, recipe book, quick start guides, and cheat sheets!

An overhead shot of Mealthy 2.0 Accessories
Mealthy MultiPot 2.0 Accessories

Size offered: 6-quart 

  • 6 quart –  6-qt is perfect for a family of 4 and you can easily cook enough food for both lunch and dinner in one go.
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Mealthy MultiPot review

When Mealthy MultiPot was first introduced in the market there was, of course, an obvious comparison to Instant Pot – the #1 selling electric pressure cooker. While Mealthy does look a lot like Instant Pot, I think it works out in our favor. Because that means Instant Pot users have less of a learning curve and also, the intuitive LCD panel makes it less intimidating for newbies as well.

Here’s what I love about Mealthy MultiPot 2.0

  • Looks great – The first impression you get when you take the Mealthy MultiPot out of its box is that it is a gorgeous looking, well-designed pressure cooker. Think of it as Instant Pot’s elegant cousin ;-). 
  • True slow cooking – With two settings, high and low I found the Mealthy MultiPot 2.0 works just like a slow cooker. I was so excited about this feature and the beans that I have cooked so far have turned up really well. 
  • Easy to read LCD panel comes with a progress indicator that clearly shows the stages of cooking. I love this feature since it takes the guesswork out of pressure cooking. Also, you’ll love how the buttons are placed making it even more intuitive than Instant Pot.
Close up of Mealthy MultiPot 2.0 LCD Panel
Mealthy MultiPot 2.0 LCD Panel
  • Auto seal when pressure cooking – You don’t have to remember to move the steam valve to sealing when cooking since the device does it automatically for you. The only disadvantage to that is that you can’t pressure cook with the steam valve open like you would do while making khaman, idli or dhokla. The workaround would be to remove the steam valve and cook. 
  • The feature I like the most is the automation of pressure release – You can set whether you want the pressure release to be auto, natural or quick. Once the cooking cycle is complete the device will automatically release pressure based on the setting you chose. How cool is that! Go for your grocery run without having to wait to quick release this shrimp biryani
  • Preset cooking program – The MultiPot comes with 33 preset programs and they are all customizable except for Rice. You can now make brown rice at the click of a button and cake in mason jars too! Check out the manual (page 16) for more details. 
  • New steam diffuser feature – It also comes with a bright red float that pops up when it comes to pressure and the steam vent now comes with a diffuser so that steam is not just directed in one direction.
Mealthy Multipot Steam valve
Mealthy Multipot Steam valve
  • The cooking times of Mealthy are similar to Instant Pot so you can easily adapt Instant Pot recipes for Mealthy. I, also felt like Mealthy comes to pressure rather quickly than the Instant Pot especially when it came to making a pot of rice
  • The trivet in Mealthy MultiPot holds food 4cm above the base of the pot which is a nice improvement over Instant Pot’s trivet. It is particularly helpful when you are cooking rice over a pot of dal. 
  • Mealthy MultiPot functions exactly like an Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus and is a better value for money while costing the same. This is because it includes extra accessories such as
    • Spare silicone gasket (one for sweet and one for savory recipes),
    • Two silicone mitts (helpful while handling the hot inner pot),
    • Steamer basket (for pot in pot cooking)


There are two things that Mealthy MultiPot could improve upon – 

  1. The one I already shared above was that you cannot pressure cook or steam with the valve open for some Indian dishes like idli which are cooked that way to mimic the function of idli cooker. The workaround would be to remove the steam valve as I mentioned below. 
  2. The Saute function cannot be changed from Low to Medium or High once the cooking cycle begins. You’ll have to hit cancel and make those adjustments after selecting the saute function. 

Overall, Mealthy MultiPot is a well-designed product. As I tested it out and used it for a couple of weeks, it felt like Mealthy analyzed all the tiny quirks that Instant Pot had, addressed it and made a better looking, sturdier product that I am sure you’ll fall in love with.

In short, Mealthy is a worthy competitor to Instant Pot and it performs as well and is definitely more value for money.

Where can you buy the Mealthy MultiPot?

To get an exclusive $10 off on your purchase of Mealthy Multipot 2.0 use code SIMMERTOSLIMMER on the Mealthy website. You could also buy it off of Amazon

Customer experience 

While manufacturing defects are not unheard of these days, what I usually look for is the kind of customer support a company provides. A quick check on Amazon revealed that Mealthy stood by its products and provided a replacement for units that had issues. It also has an average rating of 4.7-stars from over 1,800+ reviews which is a great rating for a kitchen appliance. 

Peeps who live in India – I have great news for you! For those who wanted to buy or gift electric pressure cookers, Mealthy MultiPot is available not only in the US but in India as well. 

Mealthy Recipes

Like I said Instant Pot Recipes can be easily converted to Mealthy with the same cooking times. These are the recipes that I have tried so far with stellar results – 

  1. Indian chickpea curry (Chole masala)
  2. Carrot Halwa (a delicious carrot pudding)
  3. Jeera rice (cumin flavored rice)
  4. Instant Pot vegetable biryani (rice cooked with loads of veggies – a perfect one-pot meal)
  5. Restaurant-style Palak Paneer (spinach and cottage cheese)

Mealthy has also created a recipe app for iOS and Android with over 2000 healthy and delicious recipes and videos designed exclusively for Mealthy’s products, along with how-to videos and articles to help users answer the question “What Should I Cook?”.

Don’t forget to check out my review for Mealthy CrispLid if you are in the market for an air-fryer that doesn’t take a lot of space. 

Get dinner on the table faster!

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  1. How does it compare with an Indian brand, Wellspire. Any inputs? Seems the black colour coating over the Mealthy cooker v/s the steel silver finish in Wellspire is a big advantage. As the coating comes off, after some time. Is that true?

    And Wellspire is also as good in quality, as per reviews on Amazon.

    Can you please do a comparision/

    1. No idea, Jimmy. I live in the US and don’t have access to Wellspire. I have been using Mealthy for a couple of years and the coating hasn’t come off. You won’t go wrong with a Mealthy.

  2. What happens in case of power cut? Does the cooking cycle of Mealthy Multipot restarts or continues from where it stopped after the power is restored? Thanks.

    1. I am not sure but I don’t think it’ll restart. You’ll have to estimate how much time is remaining and go from there.

  3. Hi Anu, I had a question, where is the Mealthy manufactured? I wish to known the country specifically. I am in India and would like to know if they have a manufacturing unit in India before I can go ahead and buy. Thanks in advance.

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