Week 1 – First step in your weight-loss journey

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Are you as excited as I am to start on our fitness / weight-loss journey?

Let’s start slow just like Rujuta suggests – one new habit a week.  Want to know how I did the first week, here are the deets.

  1. Eating dates first thing in the morning – The one new habit this week as per her guidelines was – eating dates for breakfast. I am not a big fan of bananas, so decided to pick a dry-fruit.
  2. Choose a physical activity that you enjoy – In order to get me going physically, I decided to find a form of exercise that would excite me – I chose Yoga. Though ideally, I would like to do it 3 times a week. I am focusing on doing it once a week and then moving it up to 3 times when I am ready.
  3. Track my food – I am always tired and exhausted and according to me, I eat well. That’s why tracking food became necessary. You can track using various apps such as myfitnesspal, a paper diary or an app like Noom (affiliate link). I choose Noom at the end because I needed some accountability in my life and Noom provides with a personal and a group coach for a nominal fee. After a free trial period, I decided to stick with it.

Week 1 update -> 164.4 (lost about 1.4 pounds).

Find out how much weight I lost in my week 2 update.

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