Week 3 – When you fail, start again

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A week 3 update comes almost a month after week 2 update (yikes!). If you are wondering what happened, here are the deets.

I had a conference to go to and when I came back, I fell sick. After I recovered we packed up for our vacation and that was that. Even though I did not post, I kept up with my 60-minute yoga practice and ate good food and moved around as much as I could.

Current weight – 164.6.  I gained back almost 2 lbs gained, but I am not worried. I can see a notable difference in my energy levels and I am planning to exercise for 30 minutes every day. I will let you know how that goes 🙂

Lessons learned – 

  1. I need to log my meals even though I am on vacation. It is easy to drop a good habit, but so much harder to start again.
  2. If you fail, start again. It is better to start again.. even a month later than to mope about the time lost.

Fun story – I went to a barre class yesterday and it was SO hard.  Way too advanced for me – I probably have not cussed so much in my entire life. But the end of the day, I was not tired. I felt energized 🙂 So here’s to me doing more barre :-D. Will keep you posted.

So until my next update, take care and eat well.

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