20+ Instant Pot Dessert Recipes (Indian and more)

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Save this list of 20+ drool-worthy Instant Pot dessert recipes – they’ll come in handy when you are in the mood for a quick and easy dessert. From brownies and cakes to Indian desserts like kheer and halwa, the Instant Pot can whip up all your favorite sweet treats.

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Instant Pot Dessert Recipes

In the mood for a quick dessert? No need to preheat your oven. Churn out drool-worthy desserts in no time using your Instant Pot.

You may have used your Instant Pot to make rice dishes, curries and dals, and even breakfast recipes. Did you know you could ‘bake’ desserts in your pressure cooker?

Instant Pot can not only cook cakes and brownies, but it can also dish out decadent cheesecakes, creamy rice puddings, and even Indian desserts such as halwas, kheer, and more.

Convinced? Check out this collection of 20+ quick and easy Instant Pot dessert recipes that are perfect for special occasions such as holiday parties or a weeknight treat.

How to make desserts in Instant Pot

While using an Instant Pot, you need water to generate steam and activate pressure cooking. To keep your dessert away from getting in direct contact with water, you’ll need a trivet. Also, depending on the dessert, you may need a few accessories listed below.

Accessories needed

To make desserts in the Instant Pot, depending on the recipe, you’ll need the following equipment –

  1. Trivet
  2. Springform pan
  3. Bundt pan
  4. Ramekins
  5. Tongs

Note: Anything you use to bake in the oven can be used in the Instant Pot, provided it fits. So don’t go shopping yet. Look in your pantry first!

Now that you have all the accessories lined up, check out this round-up of the best Instant Pot desserts.

Instant Pot Cakes / Cheesecakes / Puddings

A lot of people love making cakes in the Instant Pot, especially during the summer. You don’t have to heat up the entire kitchen, and you can still bake cakes, puddings, and even cheesecakes.

Just pop the batter in the Instant Pot, and it does all the work! Check out some of my favorite, easy recipes below.

Instant Pot Date Cake

This moist and tender cake recipe is our favorite dessert to make in the Instant Pot – it is easy to make, and the best part – you can even use the blender to make the batter!

Dust it with powdered sugar or serve it with a side of ice cream – it is a crowd-pleaser for sure!

If you are just starting off to making cakes in the Instant Pot, this date cake recipe is perfect for you – failproof and easy. You can whip it up in your blender and bake it in your Instant Pot – it is that fuss-free!

Instant Pot Apple Cake

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this apple cake – not only is it great for desserts, but it makes for a filling breakfast too!

Easy to make in the Instant Pot, this cake is loaded with fresh apples, spiced with cinnamon, and is perfect for breakfast or dessert.

Instant Pot Brownie Cake

Delicious and decadent brownie cake with chocolate chips is just what you need when you have chocolate cravings! You can call this recipe either Instant Pot Chocolate cake or Instant Pot brownies, but since its texture is more like brownies and I serve it like a cake, I call it brownie cake :).

Quickly bake up chocolate chip brownies with your instant pot! These Instant Pot brownie cake make a delicious dessert your whole family will love!

Instant Pot Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate lava cake, also known as molten lava cake, gets its name from the ‘lava-like’ flowing chocolate center of a decadent cake. Enjoy this delicious cake made with only 5 ingredients in less than 30 minutes using your Instant Pot or oven!

Try this easy 30-minute Instant Pot recipe for Chocolate Lava Cake – a moist and decadent cake with a lava-like melted chocolate center.

Instant Pot Bread Pudding

Instant Pot Bread Pudding is a delightful, pillowy-soft french toast bread pudding with warm cinnamon flavors and a hint of vanilla. Unlike the traditional casseroles, there is no need to soak the bread overnight in this quick and easy pressure cooker recipe that is ready in under 30 minutes!

It is my favorite way to repurpose stale bread!

The BEST french toast bread pudding with warm cinnamon & hint of vanilla that is ready in the Instant Pot Pressure cooker in under 30 minutes.

Instant Pot Summery Berry Bread Pudding

A lush and creamy bread pudding made with berries tucked in the layers of rich and sweet brioche bread and milk custard.

A lush and creamy summer berry bread pudding made with berries tucked in the layers of rich and sweet brioche bread and milk custard

Chocolate Bread Pudding

This easy chocolate bread pudding is a rich, decadent treat made with buttery croissants and plenty of chocolate. Easily made in the oven, air fryer, or Instant Pot, it’s the perfect dessert for holidays or entertaining, yet simple enough for weeknights too.

This easy chocolate bread pudding is a rich, decadent treat made with buttery croissants and plenty of chocolate. Easily made in the oven, air fryer, or Instant Pot, it’s the perfect dessert.

Blueberry bread pudding

Rich, creamy, and so satisfying, this easy Blueberry Bread Pudding will become your new favorite dessert. Cubed croissants tossed with lemony custard, blueberries, and cream cheese, this decadent brunch favorite or dessert can be made in an air fryer, Instant Pot, or oven.

An easy Air fryer, Instant Pot or oven recipe for this rich and creamy Blueberry Cream Cheese Bread Pudding, using croissants, blueberries and cream cheese.

Instant Pot Mango Cheesecake

If you are looking for a gluten-free dessert, then this creamy mango cheesecake recipe is a must-make in my book. With only 10 minutes of prep time, this Instant Pot cheesecake is a perfect make-ahead recipe for a crowd.

If you love mangoes and cheesecake, this gluten-free Instant Pot Mango Cheesecake will blow your mind! Sweet mango blended with a cream cheese filling & baked in a crushed pistachio cardamom crust.

Instant Pot Indian desserts

You can make some of the most popular desserts from India using the Instant Pot. What’s great about it is that it cuts the cooking time as well as the stirring time when compared to cooking the same dish on a stovetop.

Check out some of my favorite pressure cooker dessert recipes from India.

Gajar halwa (carrot pudding)

Gajar halwa, or carrot pudding, is a delectable dessert made from grated carrots, milk, and sugar. Learn this (almost) hands-free approach to making one of India’s most beloved desserts using an Instant Pot.

Make this mouth-watering Gajar Halwa or Carrot Halwa in around 30 minutes. No more toiling in the kitchen for hours!

Instant Pot Moong Dal Halwa

Moong dal ka halwa is a famous (and addictive) North Indian dessert that many people enjoy during the winter months. It is very time-consuming to make over the stovetop; that’s why you’ll love this almost hands-free Instant Pot recipe.

Popular in North India, moong dal halwa is a delicious way to use lentils and ghee, typically on special occasions like weddings or Diwali. This homemade version is reminiscent of what you'd find in India, but made quick and easy in the Instant Pot!

Sweet potato halwa

With melt-in-mouth creamy sweet potatoes and aromatic cardamom and saffron, this sweet potato halwa is easy to make in the Instant Pot.

Delicately flavored and lightly sweetened, sweet potato halwa is a perfect dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast or as dessert. 

Instant Pot Fig and Walnut Halwa

There is always a sense of urgency when it comes to late-night desserts. It can’t take hours to make because slaving over the stove is the last thing we want to do so late in the day. Also, when you are craving a dessert, you want it in your hands right NOW.. almost like magic.

That’s why this fig and walnut halwa fits the bill perfectly because it is not labor-intensive – 5 minutes of pressure cooking along with 10 minutes of occasional stirring.

This Instant Pot fig and walnut halwa is perfect for when you need a quick and easy recipe to satisfy your sweet cravings. It is absolutely delicious and comes together in less than 30 minutes.

Badam halwa

Instant Pot Badam halwa is a rich and decadent Indian dessert made with ground almonds, sugar, and ghee, delicately flavored with saffron and cardamom! Here is a quick and easy Instant Pot recipe for this delicious almond pudding, using six simple ingredients, in just 30 minutes!

Quick, easy Instant Pot recipe for Badam halwa, a classic Indian dessert made of almonds, sugar, ghee and perfumed with saffron and cardamom!

Fruit custard

This fruit custard recipe also goes by the name of fruit salad in India. Don’t confuse it with the fruit salad made in the US, where fruits are served in their own juice/syrup or whipped cream.

Making the custard sauce in the Instant Pot is such a game changer since it does not require much monitoring like you would if you made it over the stovetop. Try this recipe today!

This Indian fruit custard recipe combines seasonal fruits with sweet creamy custard sauce to make this delectable dessert that is perfect for a crowd. Check out the almost hands-free version using an Instant Pot (stovetop recipe included as well).

Instant Pot Rice Pudding (Rice kheer)

Making Rice Kheer just got a whole lot quicker with this easy Instant Pot Kheer recipe. This Indian Rice Pudding comes out creamy and flavorful, without spending hours in the kitchen. This rice recipe is very similar to the popular arroz con leche recipe with just subtle differences.

Rice Kheer is a sweet and creamy Indian Rice Pudding. This dish is often served hot or cold and makes a delicious side dish or dessert.

Sev payasam (vermicelli kheer)

Semiyan payasam or vermicelli kheer makes use of sev or vermicelli, that’s made of wheat semolina. Most commonly served during festivals or as offerings to God in temples. I am not sure what’s the best aspect of this dish – its mind-blowing taste or the ease at which you can make it.

Seviyan kheer or Semiyan payasam is a creamy and delicious dessert that you can put together in a cinch. That is why it is perfect for potlucks. Make it in an Instant Pot or a slow cooker and all you need is less than 5-minutes of prep time.

Moong dal payasam

If you are looking for an easy, fail-proof recipe to make payasam at home, try this Instant Pot moong dal payasam recipe with coconut milk. It is ready in 20 minutes and requires very little hands-on time!

In a Mangalorean household, festive celebrations are incomplete without a delicious serving of Moong dal payasam or payasa. Learn how to make this traditional dessert in half the time without compromising on the taste.

Sabudana kheer

Sabudana kheer is popular during the fasting festive season in India. We love making it in the Instant Pot since it is almost hands-free!

Sabudana Kheer (Tapioca pudding) is an easy & delicious dessert made with tapioca pearls & milk, in the instant pot or stovetop. Vegetarian & Gluten-free!

Puran poli

Chapati-like but with a flaky crust and a sweet lentil filling, puran poli is a favorite dessert throughout India. This recipe leverages the Instant Pot to make the filling and makes the whole process so much easier and hands-free.

Puran poli – This traditional Indian dessert goes by a few names – holige, bele obbattu, or puran poli. Chapati like but with a flaky crust and a sweet lentil filling, puran poli is a favorite throughout India and you’re about to learn why.

Instant Pot Sweet Pongal

If you like South Indian desserts, then you’ll fall in love with sweet Pongal – a beautiful brown-colored porridge made from rice and moong dal. Cooked in ghee, sweetened with jaggery, and garnished with cashews and raisins, this dessert recipe is absolutely divine.

Learn how to make this authentic-tasting Sakkarai Pongal or Chakkara Pongali (Sweet Pongal) in under 30 minutes using an Instant Pot.

Carrot kheer (pudding)

Carrot kheer is a delicious & satisfying dessert made with carrots, milk, cashews, and dates. What you’ll love about this recipe is that it has no added sugar!

Carrot Kheer (Payasam), a delicious & satisfying desert, with no added sugar, made in the instant pot. You would not mind asking second and third servings!

Instant Pot Coconut Rice

Sweet coconut rice is an aromatic dessert made with Basmati rice, grated coconut, and a hint of aromatic cloves, cardamom, and saffron. The lightly sweetened rice has a tropical coconut flavor and aromas of cloves sauteed in ghee.

Perfectly sweetened coconut rice cooked in ghee and laced with fragrant saffron, cardamom, and cloves. Easy Instant Pot Recipe!

Other Instant Pot recipes to try

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