STEM toys for kids that spark joy (and creativity)

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For kids who love STEM, this list of fun and educational toys will not disappoint. We have gift ideas for kids aged 5-15 and all are under $50.

Pink background with caption Stem gifts for kids that spark joy and creativity from Amazon
Stem toys for kids – All under $50

Most kids these days have everything and sometimes it becomes difficult to pick gifts for them. That’s why I enlisted my kids to help me make this list so that I could get some fresh ideas.

They focused on some fun and challenging games/puzzles that would spark both joy and creativity!

Check out their list below which contains STEM toys that are perfect for ages 5-14 and are all under $50.

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  1. Spirograph Art Set – Great for creative thinking, shapes, and colors, and large motor skills.
Spirograph game

Encourage the budding artists in your life to create amazing designs with this Spirograph kit. It features 12 wheels in all-new unique shapes, as well as three new Spirograph rings to create a whole new, never-before-seen assortment of Spirograph designs.

  1. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run – an engineering and building toy that provides a great stealth learning experience for young players.
Gravity maze game box

Gravity Maze is a combination logic game, marble run, and STEM toy that helps develop critical skills. It contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert, a game grid, 9 towers, 1 target piece, and 3 marbles that will keep kids entertained for a while.

  1. Flashing Cube Brain & Memory Game for Kids – Great for home and travel, these fun handheld games help improve hand-eye coordination.
Flashing cube brain memory game

With a variety of built-in single-player games that develop quick thinking and even quicker fingers, this dazzling light-up cube is a perfect game for kids 6 and up.

  1. Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science/STEM Activity Kit – perfect for kids who love and already have a few sets – they’ll need it for this kit.
Chain reactions stem activity kit

With the stuff in this kit and a pile of your own ordinary LEGO bricks, kids can build ten awesome machines that can be combined to make dozens of different chain reactions.

  1. Difficult riddles for smart kids – perfect for kids who like problem-solving. Recommended for kids aged 9-12.
A book with caption difficult riddles for smart kids

This kids book is a collection of 300 brain-teasing riddles and puzzles that kids can carry with them everywhere. Perfect to keep them engaged during a road trip or for a family night.

  1. Construction Engineering Building Blocks Learning Set – Designed to enhance your children’s STEM skills. Perfect for ages 3-8.
A child holding a vehicle made from a building block kit

Helps your child develop hand-eye coordination, master fine motor skills, and improve logical thinking. Up to 6 players can play at the same time. Includes 42 designs of varying difficulties.

  1. Remote Control Robot – a robot that you can build and play! Best for kids between 6-14 years of age.
Remote control robot

Kids who love legos will really enjoy building this robot. It moves in all directions and even does a 360-degree rotating stunt. 

It keeps kids engaged and entertained and offers a fun and educational way to play.

  1. Pizza Co – for kids who love math and pizza 🙂 . Best for ages 5-12.
Pizza co game box unboxed

This game teaches entrepreneurship along with Math skills. Your kids will run a pizzeria and learn how to operate a business and make profits!

An Osmo base and an iPad is needed to play this game.

  1. MEL Kids — Exciting DIY STEM Projects and Experiments Subscription Box – A gift that keeps giving. Perfect for ages 5-14.
An orange DIY Stem Project box

Each month, subscribers receive one STEM project on a dedicated topic. What I love about this kit is that it includes free live lessons with a professional science teacher to explain the science behind the experiments and allow your children to ask questions!

  1. Maze Racers – Building and Racing Board Game – This fun and challenging game is perfect for ages 8 and up.
Maze racers board game box

This is such a fun game that even adults can play.

Using magnetic walls, players compete to build the most creative maze they can imagine. When finished, they swap their creations and using two balls, race through the maze by tilting the boards. The first to make it from the start point to the end wins.

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